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Please note that Dippenaar and Lapage has now changed to DL Structural Engineers – Please visit the new website: https://dlse.co.za/

The firm Dippenaar and Lapage was established as a specialist structural engineering consultancy in 1987 by Barry Dippenaar and Stephan Lapage. The firm is dedicated to providing economical and practical solutions to structural problems related to the building industry. The interest of the client must come first, any Client’s requests (large or small, easy or difficult projects) will be taken into consideration. Respect and good personal relationships with clients as well as between members of the firm is an ingrained element of the practice. The firm has expertise in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, structural steel, reinforced brickwork and structural timber design and gives geo-technical advice on foundation problems.

The firm is registered with CESA and carries R 12 million professional indemnity insurance with an approved CESA policy.
Dippenaar and Lapage is an accredited Level 4 BBBEE